Umbrella Paye

Under our umbrella PAYE employment option, Navigate People will be your employer for multiple assignments with different clients and recruitment businesses. This enables you to benefit from a continuous employment and will also benefit you in several additional different ways:

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How Does Umbrella Work?

The income the Umbrella provider receives from the agency or client is know as the Contract sum. The Contract sum rate the Umbrella company receives from the agency should be inflated over an agency PAYE rate to cover not only your gross pay but also the costs of employing you, i.e. the employment taxes, national insurances apprenticeship levies and a small income retained by the umbrella company to cover its own further costs such as employing its own payroll staff, software, insurances, bank charges and so on.

Holiday pay can be accrued to be paid out when the employee is not working as this is more cost efficient for the worker over the year in terms of National Insurance contributions. However it is also possible for employees to be advanced their holiday pay each week if that is a preferred option for the individual worker.

Once the above have all been accounted for the employee is paid the remainder less their own statutory deductions which typically include PAYE tax, Employees National Insurance and Employees pension contributions(where individuals have not opted out of the company pension).

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