Under our PEO option Navigate People will be your employer for multiple assignments with various different clients and recruitment agencies and this will provide you with a continuity of employment. This helps workers financially in many ways:

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What is a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) solution?

PEO is similar to umbrella employment as workers will still be employees of Navigate People.

Where it is different is workers will be paid a rate of gross pay which has been agreed with the recruitment agency up front. This differs from umbrella employment where an umbrella contracting rate is agreed up front between the agency and the worker and costs of employing the worker are deducted from the umbrella contracting rate to arrive at the employees gross pay.

Under our Navigate PEO option no company costs are deducted from the agreed PEO Gross pay rate.

The employment costs, which under umbrella employment are included in the umbrella rate, under PEO are invoiced to the recruitment business on top of the amount of gross pay agreed with the worker.

The only deductions from a workers pay will be PAYE tax, Employees National Insurance, Employees Pension contributions and any other statutory payments where applicable.

This is option is therefore much easier for workers to understand and can be structured to cost the agency the same as an umbrella rate leaving workers much happier at no extra cost.

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