If you are working within the construction sector and qualify as a genuinely self-employed worker then you can potentially sub-contract through Navigate CIS.

We will need to perform a full self–employment assessment and provide you with Illustrations of all solutions to make sure this is the right fit for you.

We will as standard:

We will also help you to become VAT registered and allow our partners to potentially generate more income for you.

Contact us today for a personalised illustration of your Take Home Pay

What is CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out a series of rules for how contractors should make payments to sub-contractors within the construction sector.

The scheme was introduced in order to try and prevent the loss of revenue to the Exchequer arising from payments between contractors not being properly accounted for for tax purposes.

The scope of the Construction Industry Scheme is set out here.

This is a scheme set up by the Government to collect payments on account of tax each month due from self employed workers in the construction sector.

Workers within the scheme are considered to be self employed and so do not have any employment rights but do receive a more favourable basis of taxation which can result in higher net earnings.

CIS subcontractors need to be verified with HMRC by their contracting company. Most workers will be verified at 20% although it is also possible some may be verified at 30% or gross status.

To qualify as self employed, workers must meet several conditions including being genuinely in business on their own account, having the right to substitute, and not require any supervision direction or control in the manner in which they carry out their work.

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