At Navigate People we genuinely care about delivering the very best service and added value for all our workers and contractors.

There are many Umbrella intermediaries in the current market some reputable, some not, so why should you choose Navigate People?

Well, our team have all been working in this sector for over 8 years and so fully understand the many recent legislation changes that have heavily impacted our industry over these years. This has meant that at times we’ve had to adapt quickly to changes, but we have always embraced this challenge and made sure that we go the extra mile to ensure all our employees and contractors are paid on time without fail, every time, through morally compliant employment and contracting alternatives that are not going to have HMRC considering any of us to be avoiding tax.

To back this up we have decided to obtain an external specialist expert audit every year which will be undertaken by independent experts who are not conflicted by membership growth needs or restricted by any lack of genuine relevant expertise.

Above all we are always striving to provide you with an excellent rewards and added benefits package. Indeed, we truly believe we offer the very best rewards and benefits package in the industry – see our Navigate Rewards page for examples of our offerings. 

Our friendly team are always here to help answer any question you may have.

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We offer proactive support focussed on delivering first class service and real added value for people in recruitment businesses who want to use these services but are not sure where to turn or where to find the best value added packages for both themselves and their workers.